ASP.MD doesn’t just make the best web based medical billing system on the market. We also use it to provide the best medical billing services. Most billing companies don’t use or control their own software system. So, they pay a lot for their systems, and pass the costs on to you. And, when they need something updated fast, it often doesn’t happen.

By making and controlling the software we use, ASP.MD can do more and charge less. Additionally, our billing experience drives our software; we update it constantly to deal with the latest challenges. And every new feature we add, goes out to you the very same day. With web based software, there’s no waiting for the next version. Do you really want to pay for billing software made by a company that doesn’t do billing? And, do you really want to use a billing company which doesn’t make, understand, or control the software they use?

At ASP.MD we’re tech experts, medical experts, quality experts, and billing experts – a rare combination, but exactly the combination  you need. With our proprietary system with rules built right in, we’ll get you paid more, faster, with fewer denials and a much lower cost. And, we’ll go beyond software, with experienced staffers working your claims constantly. At ASP.MD we don’t just do the easy part- we do it all. For less than you’ll pay anywhere else.


With ASP.MD billing services integrated with ASP.MD software services, you’ll get the smoothest, most efficient, least costly billing service available, with the best possible outcomes.

And, you’ll have complete, real time insight in to your billing process. No more wondering how you’re doing or whether your billing company is really working your claims or letting tough ones ride inappropriately. No more finding out months after the fact that they’re doing a less than optimal job, leaving money on the table that should be in your pocket.

With ASP.MD’s fully streamlined and integrated scheduling, registration, practice management and billing, your front desk will immediately know any patient balances in real time. So, when they’re checking in a patient, they raise the issue of any unpaid balances immediately. It’s the most effective way to collect, and, it will make a difference.

ASP.MD’s billing and follow up process is streamlined and works like a machine to get your problem claims worked and paid. Compared to in house billing, you’ll never have to worry about employees on leave or vacation. Our scale is such that we always have enough redundancy to keep your account totally up to date.

With an average 28 days in A/R, a 95% first pass payment rate, and, collections of up to 98% or even more of allowables, you can rest assured that every penny that can be collected is being collected.

Want to keep your existing IT systems but still save 40-50% on your billing costs, with better, faster collections? We can do that too. ASP.MD can plug in to your current infrastructure at any level, and still provide substantive savings over your current process.


Still prefer dictating over typing or checklists? Give our transcription services a try. We’ll typically shave 30-40% off your costs, with near perfect accuracy and overnight turnaround. Want to avoid the computer interaction as much as possible but need to capture structured data for quality reporting? Use our structured dictation service to extract the data you need (then use ASP.MD’s quality reporting features to report).

At ASP.MD, we make medical documentation smooth and painless.