Guidance and Compliance

IT. EHR. HIPAA. Practice management. Billing. Coding. ONC. PQRS. Meaningful Use. MACRA. MIPS. ACM. CPT. ICD-10. QPP. IPPS. eCQM.¬†IRF. LTCH. SNF. The list goes on…

The regulatory environment for today’s medical practices is overwhelming. Just when you think things have settled down, congress releases¬†another 2,000 pages of healthcare legislation, including lengthy updates to all of the healthcare IT programs. It’s simply too much.

Unless, of course, you’re with ASP.MD. ASP.MD simplifies the regulatory burden. We make data gathering and reporting seamless and easy. Our distributed documentation keeps on you top of the reporting requirements. Our system tracks your data and presents it in useful dashboards so that you can see how you’re doing. ASP.MD even monitors your progress, to see how you’re doing. And finally, if you need to, you can call and actually talk to an expert. Someone who knows what they’re doing, and can tell you what to do.

Have you been forced into manual registry reporting? Combing your EHR for data, manually extracting it, and then plugging it in to another website!? What’s the point of having an electronic health record, when you have to manually extract data?

Or, are you locked in to claims based reporting, where you have one chance to get it right, and you can’t go back.

Consider the ASP.MD alternative; see your patient, document your visit, and let us take care of the rest. We’re one of only 17 vendors in the country which is both a CMS “data submission vendor” AND a CMS certified “Registry”. And unlike other registries, there’s no manual data entry with ASP.MD.

ASP.MD has gotten every one of our providers through meaningful use and PQRS. Give us a call to see how much easier we can make MACRA and MIPS for you.