Today, you need more than just software…

In today’s medical practice, a practice management system and EHR are just the beginning. You need to keep up with a challenging reimbursement environment, and an even more challenging regulatory one. It’s not just about information technology or a software system; it’s about knowing how to use them.

This is where ASP.MD comes in, the one vendor handling all of these challenges. We not only provide powerful, flexible, always on, always up to date, totally web based information technology for your practice. We also optimize your billing. And finally we expertly guide you through the worst of whatever regulations and reporting CMS or your ACO require next.

ASP.MD modernizes your IT with the latest in always up to date web based systems for practice management and EHR. We modernize your billing, to get you the best returns at the lowest cost. And, we simplify complex MACRA requirements and step you through them, making sure you get the credit for your performance that you deserve.

Large healthcare organizations leverage IT, EHR, PQRS/MACRA/MIPS, and the regulatory environment to scare you into their fold, where you’ll work for them. They’ll tell you that it’s no longer possible to practice medicine independently, that the required systems are too complex and too expensive for any one practice to manage. But, these are scare tactics, aimed at making you an employee. The fact is,  you don’t need to be afraid, and you can be independent. With ASP.MD, practices CAN and DO do it on their own- at a much lower cost than the large organizations, and earning up to 40% more than their employed colleagues.